On April 14, 1968, Jim Bunning wins his first game for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a 3 – 0 shutout over the Dodgers. For Bunning, it is his 40th career shutout and includes his 1,000th National League strikeout, becoming the first pitcher since Cy Young to reach the 1,000 mark in both the National and American Leagues. In the game, right fielder Roberto Clemente robs Ron Fairly of a game-tying two-run homer. Understandably overshadowed by Bunning’s achievement, this pivotal defensive play gets its props in the Pittsburgh papers.

Les Biederman of the Pittsburgh Press writes: “Fairly gave the 27,136 Dodgers fans a thrill when he lifted a long fly down the right field line in the 1st inning and for a moment it appeared headed into the seats. But Clemente timed his leap perfectly and came down with the ball in his glove. From the nearby bullpen, Ron Kline and Roy Face thought it might have been a home run. ‘I think the ball might have gone into the seats against nine other right fielders in the league,’ Kline added.”


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