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MLB premiers on facebook watch

2018 – Major League Baseball experiments with a new medium as today’s game between the Phillies and Mets is broadcast live exclusively on “Facebook Watch”, a new application recently launched by the social media giant. Reviews are mixed, as viewers complain about the size of the graphics relative to that of most laptop or tablet screens and the invasive nature of streaming comments by users (which can be turned off, although this possibility is not readily apparent to many viewers, it seems). This is clearly an attempt to interest some younger viewers who have tuned out traditional media in watching a live game. But some of the kinks will need to be worked out before it can dethrone the well-regarded MLB.TV, which already provides live and delayed game coverage on a huge variety of connected devices.

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legendary Nancy Faust’s organ who entertained fans for more than 3,000 White Sox is purchased by Red Sox organist Josh Kantor

The organ, played by the legendary Nancy Faust who entertained fans at Old Comiskey Park and the U.S. Cellular Field for more than 3,000 White Sox home games over 41 seasons, is purchased by Red Sox organist Josh Kantor, who grow up in Chicago listening to her renditions of Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. The iconic instrument was put up for bid by the team during their annual holiday charity auction at U.S. Cellular Field.

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Jon Miller is the 2010 Ford Frick Award winner

Jon Miller, who has been broadcasting San Francisco Giants games since 1997, is this year’s Ford Frick Award winner. Widely respected for his work, Miller broadcast games for four teams prior to working for the Giants, including those of the Baltimore Orioles from 1983 to 1996. Since 1990, he has described ESPN’s nationally-televized Sunday night game in partnership with Joe Morgan.

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New York Yankees Public Address announcer Bob Sheppard officially retires at the age of 99

New York Yankees Public Address announcer Bob Sheppard officially retires at the age of 99. Known as the “Voice of God,” Sheppard had been the Yankees PA announcer from 1951 to 2007 before his deteriorating health forced him to step down. He briefly returned in 2008 to announce the Yankees lineup for the final game at the old Yankee Stadium.

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Major League Baseball launches MLB Network

Major League Baseball launches MLB Network, a cable and satellite television channel based out of Secaucus, NJ. The channel debuts in nearly 50 million cable and satellite homes – the largest debut in cable television history, exceeding any other cable television launch by approximately 20 million homes.

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Nikko Smith, Ozzie’s son who made it to the third round of theAmerican Idol semi-finals, is voted off the popular reality show

Nikko Smith, Ozzie’s son who made it to the third round of theAmerican Idol semi-finals, is voted off the popular reality show. A few days later, the young entertainer will be asked back by the producers to replace Mario Vazquez, who withdrew from the competition, prompting judge Paula Abdul to call him “The Comeback Kid” after his performance of West Side Story’s “One Hand, One Heart”.

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The Simpsons entitled “Homer at the Bat” has several Major Leaguers appear

1992 – The episode of the animated series The Simpsons entitled “Homer at the Bat” gets its first broadcast on FOX. In the episode, Springfield Nuclear Plant owner C. Montgomery Burns hires a team of major league ringers in order to win a bet he placed on a softball game against a rival businessman. In the end, though, it’s the hapless Homer Simpson who saves the day with a walk-off hit-by-pitch. A number of contemporary major league stars, many of them future Hall of Famers lend their voices and likeness to the show, which is considered one of the classic episodes of the series.

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Ernie Harwell has his first last dayhe will again be the Voice of the Tigers in 1993

In what is believed to be his last day with the team, Ernie Harwell, whose contract is not renewed by team management and WJR, waves goodbye to the fans and the crowd attending the season finale gives the ‘Voice of the Tigers’ for the past 32 years a long and loud standing ovation. The veteran broadcaster will return to Detroit in 1993, thanks to the warm invitation from new team owner Mike Ilitch, and will continue to do play-by-play until the end of the 2002 season.

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Tigers release Ernie Harwell after 32 years

At a press conference, Tiger management and WJR announce 1991 will be Ernie Harwell’s 32nd and final season in the broadcast booth. The dismissal of the Motor City’s popular play-by-play announcer starts a furor among fans, which includes a threatened boycott of Domino’s Pizza, a business of club owner Tom Monaghan, and the rise of the slogan, “Say It Ain’t So, Bo”, which appears on bumper stickers and T-shirts all over Detroit, referring to Bo Schembechler, the team president and former University of Michigan football coach.

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Ballantine Books publishes the first of seven annual Bill James Abstracts

Ballantine Books publishes the first of seven annual Bill James Abstracts, bringing the author into the national spotlight for his statistical insight into the game. The sabermetrician’s original self-published efforts, written while working the night shift as a security guard at the Stokely-Van Camp’s pork and beans cannery, introduces baseball fans to new ways of measuring a player’s ability, using stats such as such Runs Created.

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