Coors Field,Denver,CO,US

Ball Park First Game
Date – 4/26/1995 (1)
Starting Pitchers – Rockies vs. Mets: 4/26/1995
Final Score 11-9 (COL), 14 innings
Attendance – 47,228
Starting Pitchers Bill Swift (COL); Bobby Jones (NYN)
First Batter – Brett Butler (NYN) Result – Singled to SS
First Hits – Brett Butler (NYN),Singled to SS (1st)
First Run – Walt Weiss (COL)
First RBI – Larry Walker (COL)
First Homerun – Rico Brogna (NYN) vs. Bill Swift (COL) on 4/26/1995 (4th inning)
First Grandslam – Todd Hundley (NYN) vs. Bill Swift (COL) on 4/26/1995 (6th inning)
First Inside Park Homerun – Ellis Burks (COL) vs. Mike Williams (PHI) on 6/14/1996 (1st inning)
First No Hitter – Hideo Nomo (LAN) vs. Rockies on 9/17/1996

Ball Park Lasts
Last Game – , Final Score –
Attendance –
Starting Pitchers – , Winning Pitcher – Losing Pitcher –
Last Batter – , result –
Last Hit – ,
Last Run – , Last RBI –
Last HR –
Last Grand Slam –
Last Inside The Park Homerun –
Last No Hitter –

Coors Field is the first active park to feature a grand slam in its first game (Yankee Stadium II: 4/16/2009), and the second (Jarry Park: 4/14/1969) among all parks (minimum 300 games); Hideo Nomo has thrown the only no-hitter at Coors Field (through 2015) and when he tossed a no-hitter at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 2001, he became the first pitcher to throw the first no-hitters at two different active parks. His no-hitter at Coors Field is the only one with an attendance of at least 50,000 (among active parks); The 14-inning game between the Rockies and Mets was the longest (by innings) of any first game in a park (minimum 300 games).; Three umpires—Mike Riggins, Joe Padilla, and Dick Jackson—made their MLB debuts in the first game at Coors Field.