On August 5, 2002, Darrell Porter left his home in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, saying he was going to buy a newspaper and go to the park. That evening, he was found dead outside his vehicle in Sugar Creek, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City. An autopsy found he had died of “toxic effects of cocaine.” The autopsy indicated that the level of cocaine in Porter’s system—consistent with recreational use—induced a condition called excited delirium that caused his heart to stop. Police theorized that Porter’s car went off a road and got caught on a tree stump in La Benite Park in Sugar Creek. Police say Porter got out of the car, walked to the nearby Missouri River, and then walked back to his car. Authorities had initially speculated that he overheated while trying to push the car off the stump in high heat and humidity, but there was no evidence to indicate that he tried to move the car. The exact events surrounding his death are still unknown.

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