On May 9, 1989 — A’s slugger Jose Canseco undergoes an operation to repair a stress fracture in his left hand and will miss the first half of the season. Canseco reinjured his wrist on the weekend in a Class AA game in Huntsville, Ala., where he had been sent for rehabilitation. He rejected some recommendations for surgery two weeks ago but knew then that sooner or later he might have to face the knife.

“You can’t blame him for trying to avoid it. I would have done the same thing,” said Canseco’s teammate, Mark McGwire, prior to the A’s-Baltimore Orioles game at Memorial Stadium. “No one wants to have surgery unless they must.”

The 1988 MVP will play in 65 games and hit 17 home runs during the regular season. He will be a terror in the playoffs going 10-31, hitting 2 home runs and driving in 6 as the A’s lost only 1 game on their way to their first title since 1974.

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