Wrigley Field,Chicago,IL,US

Ball Park First Game
Date – 4/23/1914 (1)
Starting Pitchers – Chicago Whales vs. Kansas City Packers: 4/23/1914
Final Score 9-1 (CHF)
Attendance – 21,000
Starting Pitchers Claude Hendrix (CHF); Chief Johnson (KCF)
First Batter – Chet Chadbourne (KCF) Result – Ground out
First Hits – John Potts (KCF),Singled
First Run – Dutch Zwilling (CHF)
First RBI – Jack Farrell (CHF)
First Homerun – Art Wilson (CHF) vs. Chief Johnson (KCF) on 4/23/1914 (2nd inning)
First Grandslam – Rollie Zeider (CHF) vs. Harry Moran (BUF) on 5/6/1914 (4th inning)
First Inside Park Homerun – Max Flack (CHF) vs. Gene Packard (KCF) on 7/11/1915 (3rd inning)
First No Hitter – Fred Toney (CIN) vs. Cubs on 5/2/1917

Ball Park Lasts
Last Game – , Final Score –
Attendance –
Starting Pitchers – , Winning Pitcher – Losing Pitcher –
Last Batter – , result –
Last Hit – ,
Last Run – , Last RBI –
Last HR –
Last Grand Slam –
Last Inside The Park Homerun –
Last No Hitter –

Kansas City Packers pitcher Chief Johnson was served with legal papers in the second inning, enjoining him from pitching for Kansas City for the rest of the opener; John Potts, who recorded the first hit at then-Weeghman Park, had only 27 career hits, the fewest for a player who recorded the first hit at an active park; Chicago Whales catcher Art Wilson hit the first two home runs at the park in his first two at-bats; The first no-hitter thrown at Wrigley Field was a double no-hitter for nine innings between Cincinnati’s Fred Toney and Chicago’s Hippo Vaughn before the Reds recorded the first hit in the 10th inning; The first grand slam was hit by Rollie Zeider, who hit only five home runs in his nine-year career, and was the only homer he hit over the fence on the fly (the other four were either inside-the-park homers or bounced, which counted as homers at the time).