Ebbets Field, 8/30/53.
Cardinal manager Eddie Stanky gets on Jackie Robinson during the Dodger 7th. The towel wrapped around Stanky’s knee is a reference to Jackie’s knee problems that had sidelined him for the previous two games. Robinson had struck out earlier in the inning, nearly falling down which prompted Stanky’s shenanigans. Jackie responded by waving a piece of cardboard on which he’d written, “How to make out a lineup – By Ed Stanky” which was a dig at the 2nd year mgr. for his lineup mistakes that twice led to Cardinal players being called out for batting out of turn.
Naturally, the Brooklyn faithful ate it up, booing & waving handkerchiefs at Stanky. Brooklyn then proceeded to score 12 runs, turning a 6-3 game into a 20-4 route.