On June 17, 1978, Ron Guidry of the New York Yankees sets an American League record for most strikeouts by a left-handed pitcher in a single game. Guidry strikes out 18 California Angels in picking up a 4-0 win-his 11th consecutive victory without a loss…

Fun quote from Ron Guidry!!!!!

On June 17, 1978 when Ron Guidry set a team record by striking out 18 against the Angels. He said:

“I didn’t try to strike anybody out in that game until the ninth inning. After the eighth, they flashed it up on the scoreboard and I told Thurman that I didn’t realize I was that close. And Thurman said, ‘IF YOU GET CLOSE, YOU WILL GO FOR IT, OR I’LL PERSONALLY BREAK YOUR ANKLES BEFORE YOU GET BACK TO THE DUGOUT.’ The 17th and 18th batters were the only guys I tried to strike out in that game.”